Yes. The trailers require electricity to operate, so appropriate electrical connections must be available on-site, or a generator will be needed. The trailers have specific electrical requirements, so it is important we know the exact power options of the trailer location.

No. The trailers have fresh water tanks on board to meet your needs.

You will only be held responsible for damages caused by you or your guests. A Damage Waiver is an option and your Account Manager can walk you through how that works.

Restroom Trailer sizes vary by their capacity. The footprints of all the trailers are listed on their individual web pages.

Trailers can be delivered almost anytime. However, deliveries outside of normal business hours may incur additional delivery fees.

Attendants can be provided for an additional charge. Please contact the office for a quote on this service.

Yes. Generally you or someone representing you needs to be on-site when we deliver your restroom trailer to show us where you would like it set up.

Possibly. This will depend on the location of the event and when the trailers will be delivered/picked up.

Restroom Trailers have both heat and air-conditioning. The air-conditioning is one of the features that make restroom trailers very popular at summer events.

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